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A Look Into The Future! The Jiunvfeng Bubble Pool

A design aimed to bring modern development!

Public pools are not a new concept whatsoever. Today we get a look at a modern example, a unique design that is captivating, eye-catching, and bold, to say the least. The Jiunvfeng Bubble Pool is located on China’s Mount Tai. The design aims to draw urban dwelling to a rural village in order to renew the area. The impressive complex is comprised of three curved buildings.

These structures feature a changing room, pool, and fitness center. The incredible sculpted forms contrast the wooded hillside, doing so with a sleek metallic white facade. The pool is situated at the end of a stone path under a cantilevered roof. The 10-meter cover provides a semi-outdoor experience, while the curved roof reveals views of the mountain landscape and stunning scenery. The complex is unique, modern, and striking, a bold contrast to the surrounding area and a look into the future.

Take a look at the Jiunvfeng Bubble Pool in the images and head over to Line+ to find out more about the design immediately. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more modern architecture and design coming soon.

Jiunvfeng Bubble Pool

Photos via Lei Sun / ZY Architectural Photography

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