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A Stunning Showcase | teamlab creates ‘Megaliths’

Immersive and incredible, teamLab creates another stunning showcase.

teamLab has been quite busy as of late. After creating some stunning installations and exhibitions across the globe, teamLab has done it again. They return today, as they begin hosting several digital installations as part of its annual “A Forest Where Gods Live, Ruins, and Heritage” exhibition.

This sculpture exhibition takes place on the Japanese island of Kyushu with large scale displays of creative in abundance. One of the most eye-catching installments of the showcase is ‘Megaliths in the Bath House Ruins.’ Located in Mifuneyama Rakuen Park, ‘Megaliths’ is immersive and colorful. The installation boasts a series of large-scale digital structures inside a decaying structure.

Visitors are to experience the displays as they transform in real-time by a computer program. The ‘Megaliths’ feature motifs of seasonal flowers and waterfalls creating an immersive and intriguing atmosphere. Hideaki Takahashi of teamLab created the soundtrack for the exhibit, which is sponsored by Grand Seiko. The colorful display is interactive and eye-catching. It’s a display like none other with unique details and an array of unique features that are captivating and compelling.

The exhibition will be on display from now until November 4th. That means you have plenty of time to check it out for yourself. We wouldn’t recommend skipping this one. Learn more about the exhibition from teamLab’s website and stay tuned for more from the creative side of things coming soon.

In other art news, did you see the custom S-Works Roubaix created by Parra? This colorful design is a brilliant showcase of style and design. The bike will be auctioned off soon and all proceeds will go to the World Bicycle Relief. It might just be worth putting a bid on! 

Photo via teamLab

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