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All About Automation | Amazon Launches Scout Bot Delivery System

The good folks over at Amazon are really aiming to make our life a little easier. In a move that pushes us all deeper into the future, Amazon has officially launched its Scout delivery system. The new delivery system will be roaming the streets of the Irvine, California area. The Scout system will deliver packages to homes “during daylight hours” from Monday to Friday. The system is still in its early stages, and an “Amazon Scout Ambassador will temporarily accompany each one.”

The ambassador will ensure smooth transportation while aiding in research, answer customers’ questions, and note their reactions. This rollout will provide data on how we interact with robots, as well as information that could improve the connection. Not every resident will experience the system as only a select number of Scout robots have been deployed.

However, the company will continue to send them out regardless of which delivery option a customer selects. The Scout was first announced back in January as an attempt to create more last-mile delivery options. This is a compelling move for Amazon. However there is no word on if a wider rollout will be coming or not.

The first rollout took place in Snohomish County, Washington. Is this the future of parcel delivery or just a trial run to prepare us for the future? We can’t imagine dozens of these roaming the streets safely, though we think the idea is brilliant! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Hit us up on Instagram or Twitter and let us know your thoughts about delivery robots! In the meantime, stay tuned right here to The Culture Curators for much more from the tech giant coming soon.

In other tech news, be sure check out the new collaboration from IKEA and Sonos, and look for the system to arrive soon!

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