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AllRightsReserved Unveils ‘Sweet Jane’ Sculpture

The Slovenian artist Evgen Čopi Gorišek and AllRightsReserved have joined forces. The two have connected for the first time to showcase the artist’s ‘Sweet Jane’ as a bronze sculpture. The collaboration piece mimics the portraiture, offering a similar aesthetic with a new allure thanks to the use of alloy. Gorišek is known for creating works in graffiti and child-like patterns.

He infuses everyday references and pop culture, while these unique smiles offer a sense of humor and mystery. “People are always smiling, but deep down, they are upset, disappointed, and angry; they just used to hide it,” said Gorišek. ‘Sweet Jane’ measures 300 x 189 x 116 mm, and only 23 editions were created. Each piece is signed, numbered, and housed in a wooden box embellished with inky sketches from the artist. Gorišek added, “Smile is complicated.” He continued to say, “It always spreads happiness and expresses oneself, but sometimes it can be a mask to hide your innermost being. Most of us, even me, sometimes is hard to speak from the heart; that’s the reason I always put on a smiley face when I create.”

The online draw for the limited-edition Sweet Jane is now open on the DDT Store from now until June 27th. Don’t miss out. Take a closer look at the sculpture in the images and enter today. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more outstanding art coming soon.

Photos via AllRightsReserved

Written by Jesse James

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