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Art In Flight! Felipe Pantone INTR3PID Carbon Cub Airplane

Taking art to the friendly skies!

The one and only Felipe Pantone is back in the news. This time around, he’s back with something bold, colorful, creative, and eye-catching, as expected. Today we get a look at the  Felipe Pantone INTR3PID Carbon Cub Airplane. This is Pantone’s latest piece, adorning a Carbon Cub airplane with his unique colors and patterns. The project is the result of over a year of work and effort, a team effort between the artist and the plane’s owners Joan Escribá and Joan Comas.

The plane, dubbed INTR3PID, is a performance aircraft that has been draped in an intense and bold facade of color and shape. The plane is host to a range of gradients and dynamic shapes, all inspired by the artist’s INTEGRATION SYSTEM P#01 series. The power and speed of the aircraft are complemented flawlessly by the designs and the color scheme. The plane itself is based on a Piper Super Cub that was first built in 1938.

Take a look at this stunning, flying piece of art in the image up top and find out more from Felipe Pantone right now. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more artistic expression coming soon.

Photos via Felipe Pantone

Written by Jesse James

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