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Art Virtually | Baldur Helgason Unveils “Spiritual Paintings for Emotional People”

There is something compelling and captivating about unique artistic talent. Today we get a prime example of such. The artist known as Baldur Helgason has revealed a brand new exhibition for our viewing enjoyment. With the world seemingly shuttered and dealing with the global pandemic of coronavirus and COVID-19, Baldur is back virtually.

The artist provides a look at part of an exhibition titled “Spiritual Paintings for Emotional People” at Richard Heller Gallery. The exhibition is a showcase of the Chicago-based artist’s striped-shirted cartoon character. We see the artist in a variety of vivid scenes, showcasing the mundane routine of everyday life. Helgason is known for his animation-inspired oil paintings. These paintings serve as self-portraits of the artist, evoking his own personal experiences. The details are unique and eye-catching, while his unruly compositions include varying scenarios. The artist pulls inspiration from vintage comic strips, mid-century European cartoons, and American cartoon styles. The result is unique and classic, striking and incredibly detailed.

Take a closer look at the selection of works in the images below and find out more from the Richard Heller Gallery immediately. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more art and art news coming very soon.

Photos via Baldur Helgason/Richard Heller Gallery

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