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Awesome Additions | The Workstation Cabin

Expand your space!

We could all use a bit more space. Whether you need an office, a place to unwind, or a guest house, every dwelling could use a bit more room. The creative minds over at Hello Wood have created a unique way to expand our living spaces, the Workstation Cabin. This modern and eye-catching addition comes as a prefabricated sculpted wooden orb.

The cabin can be installed in just a few days, offering an addition of space that can be suited for any needs. The structure features fifteen sides thanks to a geometric approach, boasting 86 square feet of open space.

The interior is lined with Scots pine, while the large, uniquely shaped windows offer plenty of natural light for the area. The windows also add a tranquil aesthetic, providing unique views in the process. The insulation and built-in air conditioning are a nice touch, letting you enjoy your retreat all year long.

Take a look at the unique, modern Workstation Cabin in the images below and find out more from Hello Wood. For now, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more modern architecture and design coming very soon.

Photos via  Zsuzsa Darab / Hello Wood

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