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Be Happy, Be Creative! The Bob Ross Experience Is Officially Open

Celebrating a legend!

The legendary artist Bob Ross is back in the news. The word comes down today that the small city of Muncie, Indiana, has opened a permanent exhibition and masterclass series that pays homage to the painter. The space recently opened at the Lucius L. Ball House on the Minnetrista campus. The exhibition will feature a rotating selection of the artist’s original paintings. Included are paintings such as Gray Mountain and Sunset Aglow, which are set in a 1980s-style living room.

The space also features his personal items, such as keys and hair prick, as well as memorabilia celebrating the artist. Visitors are welcome to touch and hold certain pieces except for the artist’s palette knife, easel, and brushes. “Bob Ross at Home: Artist, Teacher, Friend” runs through August 15th, 2021, and features a number of canvases contributed by locals who received works directly from Ross.

George Buss, Jr., who oversees the permanent exhibition, spoke about the exhibition with Artnet. He stated: “Bob Ross has an incredible, fearless creativity.” Mr. Buss Jr. went on to add, “There is a confidence and a positivity that no matter how bad it looks on the canvas, it’s gonna turn out. He takes what looks like a mistake and turns it into something beautiful, and he spends the entire time telling you that what he’s doing is not special, not heroic. It’s something you can do, too. So there’s empowerment to be as powerful and as fearless as he is.”

The masterclass series includes a recreated set from Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting television series. Find out more about the exhibition by visiting the Bob Ross Experience official website. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for much more from the art department coming very soon.

Photos via Bob Ross Inc.

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