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Better Than Ever! A First Look At The DJI Air 2S Drone

An all-in-one design for content creators.

The good folks over at DJI are back at it once again. This time around, the company has introduced its new Air 2S drone, blending stunning photography and videography functionalities. The new Air 2S drone features a new one-inch sensor that can capture 20-megapixel still images and 5.4K video at 30fps or 4K resolutions at 60fps and 150Mbps.

Digital zoom supports up to 4X magnification at 4K 30fps, 6X magnification at 2.7K 30fps, 4X at 2.7K 60fps, 6X at 1080P 60fps, and a maximum of 8X at 1080P 30fps. Users will even be able to record in either H264 or H265 compressions, along with three video color profiles: Normal (8 bit), D-Log (10 bit), or HLG (10 bit).


Along with the photography and videography capabilities, the Air 2S also features the company’s latest Advanced Pilot Assistance System 4.0. This system allows the drone to fly completely autonomously through obstacles. Other standard features include 31 minutes of flight time, a 12km maximum range, the plane-detecting AirSense system, and the homing Return-To-Home feature.

DJI is pushing the boundaries and doing so with content creators in mind. Take a closer look at the eye-catching new Air 2S drone and pick yours up from DJI’s website right now. The Air 2S drone will set you back $1,000 USD for the standard kit and $1.300 USD for the Fly More Combo. Keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more from the tech sector coming very soon.


Photos via DJI

Written by Jesse James

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