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BIG’s Spherical Treehouse Hotel Opens

Luxury among the trees.

Bjarke Ingels Group, also known as BIG, has completed a treehouse hotel room in Sweden. The design, named “Biosphere,” is a spherical cabin covered in 350 birdhouses. The hotel room is suspended amongst the trees of the Harads forest, serving as the latest addition to the Treehotel resort. The Danish architecture firm was the latest to design a room for the Treehotel. Other cabins have been created by some of Scandinavia’s leading architects. Each room aims to interact with the natural surroundings differently, carrying their distinct aesthetics.

BIG has created an orb-like structure, teaming alongside Swedish bird expert Ulf Öhman. The goal is to provide a unique look at the stunning area and increase the bird population in the woods. Öhman stated: “The installation of bird nests is an important measure to take. Furthermore, climate change leads to the insect boom happening earlier in the year, and by the time the birds’ eggs hatch, the boom has already passed. Feeding is an important support mechanism for the birds that stay in Northern Sweden and require food during winter.” The expert added, “Demonstrating the use of bird nests and feeding, not just at the Treehotel but for people to install near their own homes, is valuable. An initiative from Treehotel to take such measures may inspire their visitors to do the same.”

Biosphere transports guests into a dark-toned interior accessed by a suspended bridge. The warm interior includes organic materials inspired by the surrounding woods. The room is small, though it features everything one might design at a luxury hotel. This includes access to a rooftop terrace that provides unrivaled views of the stunning landscape.

Take a closer look at this beautiful room in the images below and learn more about the design from BIG. Plan your stay at the Treehotel and keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more outstanding travel destinations and architecture, coming soon.

Photos via Bjarke Ingels Group

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