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Blending In! The Truckee Forest House

Modern living in a rustic setting.

Northern California is host to some of the most beautiful land in the country. Today we get a look at a modern home that calls the area home, situated between 115 trees. Dubbed the Truckee Forest House, this home provides a contrasting aesthetic while minimizing its impact on the land itself. The dwelling boasts a simple rectangular form that is secluded by Jeffrey and sugar pine. The home is clad in a three-inch-thick ebonized steel rainscreen, which mimics the trees’ texture, protecting the structure from wildfires in the process.

Truckee Forest House

Paired with board-formed concrete, the look replicates the dark and light patterns seen throughout the forest. Inside, the home is filled with translucent green glass that casts a beautiful hue throughout. A natural palette of basalt stone, unfinished reclaimed teak, concrete, and white gypsum keep the contemporary vibes alive. There are also three-dimensional skylights placed throughout the ceilings that flood the spaces with light during the day.

During the night, they serve as a great place to watch the stars. Furthermore, a wall of glazed doors faces South, opening to a sheltered terrace while opening the home to the beautiful landscape beyond. This home is a beautiful retreat and a stunning example of modern architecture.

Truckee Forest House

Take a closer look at the Truckee Forest House in the images and find out more about the home from Faulkner Architects right now. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more modern architecture coming soon.

Truckee Forest House

Photos via Joe Fletcher Photography / Faulkner Architects

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