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Built For Adventure | SOLO 01 Portable Housing Concept

An interesting way to see the world!

Tiny homes were all the rage for a minute. We’ve all seen the designs, simple, small, yet exceptionally functionally. Today we get a look at the  SOLO 01 Portable Housing Concept. The unique design is built on the platform of the traditional motorized three-wheeled rickshaw. Part mobile home, commercial space, and moving retreat, the area is perfect for anyone living a life of adventure. The designers describe the space on Instagram.

They stated: “This ingenious small space design transforms a customized three-wheeler into a comfy mobile home / commercial space.” The caption goes on to add, “We’ve maximized the total 6’ x 6’ to give you value that isn’t minimalist but fully utilitarian. The concept is the fruit of research into actual needs; we’ve outwitted complex challenges with simple solutions.” Perfect for any sort of safari and other adventure, the SOLO 01 project is nothing short of ingenious.

Take a closer look at the  SOLO 01 Portable Housing Concept in the images below and find out more about the design from The Billboards Collective on Instagram. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more design and architecture coming soon.

Photos via The Billboards Collective

Written by Jesse James

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