Camping Gets Comfortable | The Nestbox Camper Module

All you need and more!

What’s better than camping? Camping with all of the needed tools to camp comfortably. Today we get a look at a unique feature that can fit into the luggage area of your vehicle, offering a unique way to adventure. The Nestbox Camper Module was designed by Czech-based Egoé. The modules come together to fit into your luggage area, helping transform the space into a functioning camper.

Each self-contained, all-in-one assembly mounts into most vans and SUVs. The system includes everything from cooker modules to water modules with a tap or submersible pump. There is also a bevy of storage options such as drawers for dishes, cookware, and utensils. If that wasn’t enough, the rear even unfolds with a sleeping grate that can hold an included hydrophobic foam mattress. Camping just got much comfier!

Take a closer look at the Nestbox Camper Module in the images below and head over to Nestbox to find out more immediately. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more lifestyle designs coming very soon.

Photos via Egoé

Written by Jesse James

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