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    Luxury By The River | The St-Ignace House

    Take a look inside!

    Living by the water is a dream that many of us have. The St-Ignace House offers a beautiful modern retreat along Quebec’s Saint Lawrence River, doing so with a focus on water views throughout. The dwelling was designed by Nathalie Thibodeau Architecte. Comprised of two volumes, both are clad in cedar slats. The small unit […] More

  • Oak Woodland House
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    Living In Luxury | The Oak Woodland House

    Rural luxury!

    The creative minds at Walker Warner Architects are known for crafting eye-catching modern structures. Today we get a look at one of their latest designs, a unique home that is perfect for nature lovers. The Oak Woodland House offers a seamless connection between its indoor and outdoor spaces. The dwelling is situated in an open […] More

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    Living Lavishly | The Beverly House

    This legendary home has hit the market!

    Looking for a great reason to relocate? Well, today we get a look at the Beverly House. This legendary home is famous for many reasons. It was the former home of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst and actress Marion Davies. It even hosted John F. Kennedy on his honeymoon and appeared in films like The […] More

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    Life On The Lake | Pumphouse Point

    Pack your bags!

    We’ve seen some beautiful examples of lakeside retreats. We’ve seen nothing quite like  Pumphouse Point. This unique destination is situated on Lake St. Clair, offering guests three unique ways to enjoy the natural surroundings. The Tasmania located retreat is a former Hydro-Electric station that has been converted into boutique accommodations. This includes the Pumphouse, the […] More

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    A Modern Retreat | The Ca l’Amo House

    Living a contemporary life!

    Situated on a small clearing on the San Mateo plain is the Ca l’Amo House. This beautiful dwelling is a prime example of a modern Ibiza retreat, designed by Marià Castelló Martínez. The house consists of five volumes that sit on a stone terrace. The first three volumes feature the main living areas of the […] More

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    Built For Adventure | SOLO 01 Portable Housing Concept

    An interesting way to see the world!

    Tiny homes were all the rage for a minute. We’ve all seen the designs, simple, small, yet exceptionally functionally. Today we get a look at the  SOLO 01 Portable Housing Concept. The unique design is built on the platform of the traditional motorized three-wheeled rickshaw. Part mobile home, commercial space, and moving retreat, the area […] More

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    Classic Space, New Face | The NeueHouse Bradbury

    This classic building is now host to a modern workspace!

    The Bradbury Building in Los Angeles is an icon. The 1893 National Landmark has been featured in a number of shows and films, including Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. These days the space is host to NeueHouse’s latest coworking space.  NeueHouse Bradbury was designed by Toronto-based DesignAgency, occupying the building’s entire second floor. The area takes […] More

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    On Top Of The World | The Henge Hill House

    Modern design with old school appeal!

    We’ve seen modern architecture of all shapes and sizes. Today we get a look at a striking design created by architect and CG Artist Bartosz Domiczek. The Henge Hill House is just a concept, but it’s certainly a modern home we’d love to see come to life. The structure is situated overlooking olive slopes. The […] More

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    This Is Modern Living | The Bridge House

    An inside look!

    We have an idea of what our dream home would look like. However, we get a look at a modern home today that will change everything. Dubbed the  Bridge House, this stunning home was designed and brought to life by Nomo Studio. The home features the scenic panoramas and warm climate of Minorca island in […] More

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    Kick Back & Relax | The De Capoc Resort

    An escape from reality!

    Sometimes an escape is needed. Reality bites, but a vacation can undoubtedly take away the sting. Today we take a look at a beautiful resort that is found in Thailand. The De Capoc Resort was created as a prime spot to experience the nature of the Khaokho District. The property takes full advantage of its […] More

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    Built For Show | The Supercar Capsule

    For the ultimate car collector!

    For anyone that has a collection of impressive vehicles that enjoy showing them off, we’ve got just the way to do so. Today we take a closer look at a unique design known as  Supercar Capsule. This stunning and eye-catching feature offers a unique parking spot for your collectibles, designed by Superfuturedesign and ASZarchitetti. The […] More

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    A Rustic Retreat | The Washington Hillside Retreat

    Take a look inside!

    We have a soft spot for stunning architecture, especially modern architecture. Located on the San Juan Islands and situated above Puget Sound is a stunning structure dubbed the Washington Hillside Retreat. This unique retreat is a compact complement to the Hillside Sanctuary. This unique dwelling features a simple two-bedroom design which was designed by Hoedemaker […] More

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