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    Future Forms | The Spaceport City

    A glimpse into the future of travel!

    Look, the future is upon us, and soon we’ll be commuting upon the stars. To prepare for those days, the Space Port Japan Association, along with Dentsu, Canaria, and Noiz, have come together to reveal the Spaceport City. The goal of the transportation hub is to bring together traditional transportation with commercial space shuttle operations. […] More

  • Five Houses
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    A Look Inside | Five Houses

    This is rustic luxury!

    Modern architecture is both compelling and captivating. It’s also inspiring and creative, and we have another prime example. Today we get a look at a unique home known as Five Houses. The structures are comprised of five residences that are immersed in the forest landscape. The rural plot in Mexico is the perfect spot for […] More

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    Life’s A Beach | The Los Vilos House

    A modern dream come true!

    We all have an idea as to what our “dream home” would look like. Pritzker Prize architect Ryue Nishizawa changes everything with a design known as the Los Vilos House. The home sits on the coast of Chile, following the rocky terrain it calls home. The weekend home is topped with a wavy concrete roof […] More

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    Ancient Inspirations | The Lookout House

    Built at the base of a three-million-year-old volcano!

    Sure, we’ve seen some unique modern architecture. However, we’ve never seen a modern structure situated at the base of a three-million-year-old volcano. The Lookout House was inspired by its ancient heritage, brought to life by Faulkner Architects. The dwelling sits on a slope enveloped by 15-foot boulders, manzanita, and a forest of pine and white […] More

  • Koto Work Cabin
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    Work From Home In Comfort | The Koto Work Cabin

    Small, simple, & stunning!

    We have a soft spot for outstanding design and intriguing architecture. Today we get to check out a prime example of both which provides a unique space to call your home office. Working from home isn’t the easiest. It takes a bit of self-discipline and some dedication, and more professionals are adapting to working remotely. […] More

  • 3110NZ
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    Art Meets Food | NANZUKA Presents 3110NZ by LDH Kitchen

    Eating with Art!

    Acclaimed Japanese art dealer NANZUKA has launched a new space in Tokyo. Dubbed 3110NZ by LDH Kitchen, the location is both an art gallery and a sushi restaurant. NANZUKA teamed up with Sushi Saito, which has been called “the world’s best sushi restaurants” by critics and chefs. Sushi Saito was located in the Japanese capital […] More

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    A Modern Hobbit Home | The Sunken Studio

    Working underground!

    We’ve seen unique modern architecture of all sorts. We’ve seen some intriguing concepts as well. Today, we look at something functional, modern, and unique that ties into an old way of living. The Sunken Studio is the brainchild of Igor Leal. The concept was devised as a permanent home office, offering a modern and minimal […] More

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    Simply Stunning | The Mountain Refuge Prefab Cabin

    Drop & live!

    Who wouldn’t want to escape to a cabin in the woods right about now? We wouldn’t mind, and today we get a look at a perfect way to do so. Today, we look at The Mountain Refuge prefab cabin designed by Italy-based architects, Paolo Danesi and Massimo Gnocchi. The cabin is still in its conceptual […] More

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    Social Distancing 101 | Copps Island

    Get away in a stunning getaway!

    As social distancing seems to be ramping back up, the need to have space is real. Today we get a look at a great place to stay isolated for a while, Copps Island. This destination is currently on the market, offering anyone with around $2.5 million USD the chance to have their own retreat. Copps […] More

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    Rustic Luxury | The Naila House By BAAQ’

    Life on the coast!

    Modern architecture holds a special place in our hearts. Today we get a look at a stunning structure that fuses local Oaxacan culture with contemporary design. The Naila House was designed by BAAQ’, offering an idyllic beach escape. The house is comprised of four volumes that sit seamlessly on the rocky coastline of Mexico’s Puerto […] More

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