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    Rustic Luxury | The Seachange House

    Living your best life!

    In our minds, we have our own idea of the perfect home. Today we get a look at a stunning structure that will have you reevaluating your entire dream design. The Seachange House is located in Australia’s Barwon Heads. The dwelling aims to bridge the gap between the area’s traditional beach houses and contemporary architecture. […] More

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    Complimenting & Contrasting | The Sol House

    Rustic luxury!

    Modern architecture has a creative, artistic aesthetic that we find captivating. Today we take a look at a home that flawlessly blends into its rugged setting. Dubbed The Sol House, this eye-catching design was brought to life by Alex Nerovnya. The exterior of the home is clean, simple, and classic. The minimalist form contrasts the […] More

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    Luxury & Modern Design | The Ravine House

    Located just outside of Chicago!

    Modern design and architecture can be seen everywhere. We’ve seen plenty of examples to prove this point. However, today, we take a look at a home situated in a forested ravine outside of Chicago. The aptly titled, Ravine House is a single-story dwelling that pays homage to its surroundings. The rectangular structure is sliced at […] More

  • Tree Houses
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    The High Life | Dawson Lake Tree Houses

    Life in the trees!

    When we think of tree houses, we think of our childhood. Who didn’t want a tree house when they were a kid? I know I certainly did. However, I got older, and that dream was left behind in my youthful years. Today we get a look at something unique that is sure to unleash your […] More

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    Iconic Architecture | The Balogh House

    This could be yours!

    Looking to update and upgrade your living situation? Well, pack your bags because today we get a look at a home that will have you longing for a new place to call home. Architect Tivadar Balogh built the Balogh House in 1958. The home was constructed based on his Progressive Architecture prize drawings. Back in […] More

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    Reimagining The Traditional | The Stealth Barn

    A perfect place to relax!

    Classic barns can be seen throughout the English countryside. Today we get a look at a barn that complements the Norfolk design language with a modern aesthetic. The Stealth Barn isn’t your typical design, though it does feature a traditional silhouette with a nod to modern design. The shadowy facade is part of a prefabricated […] More

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    The Beautiful Of Brutalism | The Villa Hexagon

    Contrasting construction!

    Situated about a Norwegian river is an example of beautiful Brutalist design. Dubbed Villa Hexagon, Hoem + Folstad Arkitekter, created this structure. The design is situated in a forest. The home contrasts the natural surroundings with a six-sided concrete shell. The cement surface is left exposed on the interior, adding to its Brutalist charm. The […] More

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    Prefab Brilliance | The Clinton Corners House

    A modern dwelling with a rustic appeal!

    In case you didn’t know by now, we have quite the soft spot for an eye-catching design. Old, new, and everything in between; we find unique architecture inspiring. Today we get a look at a beautiful home overlooking Lake Upton in the Hudson Valley. The Clinton Corners House is a bespoke retreat which is based […] More

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    Living The Life | The Comporta Cabanas By Studio 3a

    This is the epitome of rustic luxury!

    Situated on the coast of Portugal is a relaxing retreat dubbed the Comporta Cabanas. These unique structures were inspired by local fishing huts, offering a relaxing escape on the coast. The residence is comprised of four small cabins situated in a forest of pine. Each cabin is clad in Douglas fir, which has been charred […] More

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    Luxury In The Jungle | Casita Del Árbol

    Living in the jungle!

    Modern architecture and contemporary design comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and with a bevy of interesting details. Today we take a look at a beautiful home that offers a unique retreat around Argentina’s Parana River. The area is consumed with lush landscapes, which is where Casita Del Árbol calls home. This stunning structure […] More

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    Life At An Angle | The Slope House

    Living on the edge!

    In case you couldn’t tell, we have a soft spot for exceptional architecture. From old designs to contemporary creations, there is something captivating and compelling about beautiful design. Today we get a look at a striking modern abode situated on a bank overlooking Chile’s Rapel Lake. Dubbed the Slope House, the dwelling was inspired by […] More

  • McClean Carcassonne House
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    Secluded Luxury | McClean Carcassonne House

    A luxurious retreat!

    Designed by architect Paul McLean, the McClean Carcassonne House is more of a private resort than a residence. This modern estate is sure to elevate your living situation, providing a modern home with ample space for relaxing or entertaining. This stunning dwelling offers nine luxurious suites along with a hair salon, fitness center, wine cellar, […] More

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