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Changing Sound! The Reddick Voyager Modular Guitar

Blending sound and tech.

If you play the guitar, chances are you have more than one. You can’t have just one, as each guitar has its own appeal and allure. With icons like Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Les Paul dominating the market, Reddick wants to change everything we know about guitars. Today we get a look at the innovative Reddick Voyager Modular Guitar.

The guitar features a forward-thinking approach that saves space, money, soldering skills, and materials. The center section of the Voyager guitar can be loaded with six different modules. From Strat-style single coils to Gibson-style humbuckers, the guitar allows for several vintages or modern hot-wound voicings.

Several different volume, tone, and pickup selector modules are available as well. This provides a wider variety of sounds and accents that lets you get more use from a single guitar. The Voyager bundle boasts the guitar in either walnut, ash, or cherry, two pickup modules of your choice, and one standard control module.

Check out this unique and innovative guitar in the images and head over to Reddick to find out more right now. In the meantime, keep it locked for more from the intersection of tech and sound coming very soon.


Photos via Reddick Guitars

Written by Jesse James

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