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Color At Home! The Albers Foundation x Christopher Farr Rug Collection

Art is everywhere!

We love everything to do with creativity and expression. Today we look at something unique as The Albers Foundation and Christopher Farr; the British textile brand comes together. The two are launching their latest rug collection celebrating Bauhaus pioneers, Josef and Anni Albers. The new collection is part of an ongoing collaboration between Christopher Farr and The Albers Foundation.

The designs were created to pay homage to Anni Albers’ geometric masterpieces and Josef Albers’ iconic Square design. The new collection includes rugs inspired by the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, such as Temple by Anni Albers. This rug features a geometric pattern developed by Anni Albers in 1956 from studies of the Ark hanging panels produced for the Jewish Temple Emanu-El in Dallas.

Albers created the motif by painting stripes across the fabric, cutting them into strips, and then playing with the vertical pieces’ arrangement. The pattern was interpreted as a printed linen by Christopher Farr Cloth and is now available as a rug in two colorways; Berry and Emanu-el.

Elsewhere we find two new rugs inspired by illustrations of color and pattern from Josef Albers’ influential book. The rugs are based on complex color theory principles and feature ten color studies. The design is focused on the direct observation of color and how it behaves.

The new collection is colorful, unique, and abstract. Take a closer look at the new designs in the images below and find out more from Christopher Farr Cloth right now. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more from the intersection of art and design.

Photos via Christopher Farr Cloth

Written by Jesse James

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