Coming Soon | The First Trailer For Jerry Seinfeld’s ’23 Hours to Kill’

Comedy for quarantine!

As seen in our list of everything coming to Netflix in May 2020, Jerry Seinfeld is making his big return. Today Netflix is back, returning to reveal the first trailer for Jerry Seinfeld‘s upcoming stand-up special 23 Hours to Kill. The upcoming special marks the comedian’s first comedy special since 1998. The trailer provides a look at what we can expect, showing Seinfeld acting out a James Bond spoof and more.

The comedian asks, “Who designed the bathroom stall with the under-display viewing window, so we can all see the lifeless, collapsed pant legs and tragic little shoe fronts that are just barely poking out from underneath the impotent belt lying helpless?” The special will feature Seinfeld at the Beacon Theater in New York City, where he is expected to perform his never-before-seen act. It also follows his pseudo-documentary Jerry Before Seinfeld on Netflix.

23 Hours to Kill is set to follow the 65-year-old’s 1998’s HBO set I’m Telling You for the Last Time. Check out the first trailer in the video below and look for the special on Netflix on May 5th.

Photos via Netflix

Written by Jesse James

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