Create Your Own! Porsche’s Sonderwunsch Program

It’s all about creativity!

Back in the 70s, Porsche first offered the Sonderwunsch program to select clients. The program allowed customers to craft a one-of-a-kind Porsche. Now the automaker is bringing the service back and a range of other restoration and customization options. Porsche hasn’t revealed too many details about the program; however, the “Special Wishes” service allowed customers to go beyond the standard and limited-edition designs in the past.

The Sonderwunsch program returns with an expansion of the “Exclusive Manufaktur” program. Porsche indicates that “significantly more” options will be available to various models, allowing customers to add new exterior wrap options, unique starting numbers, prints on the floor mats, illuminated door entry guards, and logo projectors. You can even be the designer of your own car, personalizing details such as leather components and more.


Owners of classic Porsche’s can now add “Performance Parts,” introducing a new range of “Tequipment” for motorsport enthusiasts. Alexander Fabig, Vice President Individualization and Classic at Porsche, spoke about the new programs. He stated: “It is our goal to provide customers around the globe with even more accurately tailored and demand-based products within the context of classic, existing and new cars, and also to offer a comprehensive range of individualization options.”

Fabig went on to add, “With the new offerings, we are responding to the great global demand for our products. Starting with new possibilities for individualization and personalization of individual components, through the additional range of Performance Parts, up to [the] realization of uniquely individualized sports cars, we have the right option for every customer.” 


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Photos via Porsche

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