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Eating In #OurOcala | The Downtown Burger Tour Stop 8: Pi On Broadway

We’re back at it once again! It’s Friday, and once again, the Downtown Burger Tour is in full swing. This marks our eighth stop, which means we have eaten some of the best hamburgers that #OurOcala has to offer for the past two months. We haven’t been disappointed thus far, and we don’t intend to be in the future. This week we linked up with Ocala Main Street and took the Downtown Burger Tour to Pi on Broadway, a modern staple of #OurOcala.

Pi On Broadway

For many, ourselves included, Pi is the perfect place downtown for pizza and beer. It’s more than that; it has become an entertainment venue for local musicians, DJ’s and more to showcase their talent. Hopefully, after this, it will become a go-to for burgers as well! Pi, like many other downtown eateries, may not be known for their burger, but it’s certainly something worth experiencing. An experience we’re sure you’ll be back for more of.

The aptly titled Pi Burger is a simple and incredibly satisfying burger that is hearty, rich, and flavorful through every bite. The burger is crafted from all-natural, locally sourced, grass-fed beef cooked however you’d like. This delicious patty is then topped with sharp cheddar, iceberg lettuce, beefsteak tomato, red onion, and a dill spear, served on a brioche bun. Want to take the Pi Burger to the next level? Add a fried egg or some bacon, maybe both, and create something unique.

Not to be outdone, Pi has something for the vegetarian’s at the table as well, the Veggie Falafel Burger. This culinary creation is crafted with a house-made chickpea-veggie patty, which is pan-seared. It is also served on a toasted brioche bun with ripe beefsteak tomato, lemon-dressed arugula, pickled red onion, and cucumber-yogurt sauce. The burger is served standard with root vegetable chips, though you can substitute out one of their amazing sides or get some potato wedges instead.

And since we’re on the subject, let’s talk about their appetizers and a few of our favorite other delectables. They offer a wide range of a fleet of flavorful starters, including Buffalo Cauliflower, their incredible Jerk Chicken Em-pi-nadas, and some fantastic 3 Cheese Mac. But don’t fill up there, that burger is plenty big enough on its own! Sure, you’ve probably had a classic pepperoni pizza, or the Greasy Goat, but have you had the Pi Burger? You should! It’s a simple, satisfying treat that is easy to eat and is packed with flavor and worth every bite!

Pi On Broadway

Pi delivered a classic burger packed with flavor, a juicy, thick, hearty patty with crisp toppings and irresistible sides. However, we’ve got plenty more in the future. Take a closer look at our visit to Pi on Broadway in the video below. Be sure to stay tuned with The Culture Curators and Ocala Main Street as we continue the Downtown Burger Tour and find out more about what #OurOcala has to offer. Follow The Culture Curators on Facebook and Instagram for updates and look for stop number nine coming soon! 

Pi on Broadway from Maven Photo and Film on Vimeo.

Photos & Video via Maven Photo & Film 

The Downtown Burger Tour Stop #8 Presented by Neighborhood Storage

Written by Jesse James

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