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Exquisite In #OurOcala | The Downtown Burger Tour Stop 10: Katya Vineyards

These are not your typical sliders!

The weekend is here! It’s Friday, and that also means it’s time for the latest stop on the Downtown Burger Tour. Throughout the past ten weeks, we have paid a visit to all the best culinary stops that #OurOcala has to offer, all in search of the best burgers. This week marks stop number ten! The Culture Curators and Ocala Main Street were invited to try out the culinary creations of Katya Vineyards, who put together something special for our eating pleasures, and it was a pleasure. This isn’t your typical Downtown Burger Tour stop; however, Katya Vineyards isn’t your typical downtown Ocala destination; but it should be on your list!

Downtown Burger Tour

Located On-The-Square in historic downtown Ocala, Katya Vineyards has certainly carved their own lane in the local scene. Family owned and operated since 2010, Katya Vineyards is a small business that is passionate about good food, great company, and incredible wine. They bring these elements together seamlessly, offering some of the most exquisite cuisine that downtown Ocala has to offer. They bring their European heritage to the city, located amongst the sprawling horse farms of Central Florida. Executive Chef, Tony Deras, is committed to delivering world-class food regularly, and the menu changes weekly to reflect that. This being the Downtown Burger Tour, Mr. Deras and Katya Vineyards treated us to some of the best burgers on the block, and certainly the most unique!

The Downtown Burger Tour!

We’re all about burgers, and we’ve had some fantastic experiences throughout our tour. This week was much different as the stakes were raised. What Katya Vineyards provided was something more than your average burger, it was a creative culinary occurrence that turned the typical burger on its head. We were each presented with two incredible sliders, one of which Chef Tony referred to as the ultimate slider. The first creation was crafted from lamb, which was flavorful and juicy, topped with a baked soft shell crab. The two offer a harmonious blend of flavor and texture, creating a flavor profile that is unlike anything we’ve encountered yet. The second slider, which was dubbed the ‘star of the show,’ was created using ground Kobe beef, cooked to perfection, and topped with a whole lobster claw. Both sliders were finished off with a Columbian cheese bread, which itself was soft, flavorful, and played well with all of the flavors involved. The sliders were also enhanced with an apple balsamic drizzle, which added a nice contrast, while seamlessly integrating with the sliders themselves.

Each slider offered its own unique texture and taste. They weren’t heavy or greasy, cooked flawlessly, which means that each bite was as unbelievable as the bite before it. While many of us wouldn’t think about getting burgers, or sliders, at a fine dining establishment such as Katya Vineyards, they have changed our minds. While this wasn’t your typical burger, it still had the essence of that old classic, made with love and crafted to enjoy! They have made their own lane with extraordinary fine dining and a fantastic wine selection, but be sure to try out their sliders next time they’re on the menu. While you’re at it, make sure to check out Katya Vineyards weekly for more exceptional culinary creations that you won’t want to miss!

Ultimate Sliders!

Downtown Burger Tour

Stop number ten has taken the Downtown Burger Tour to a whole new level. Katya Vineyards took something average and iconic, flipping it into an incredible, special, and delicious meal that we would have never imagined. However, we’ve got a few more stops before the tour wraps up. Find out all about Katya Vineyard’s incredible sliders, and the ultimate slider, in the video below! Be sure to keep it locked with The Culture Curators and Ocala Main Street for stop number eleven on the Downtown Burger Tour. Follow The Culture Curators on Facebook and Instagram for updates and check back next Friday for stop number eleven!

Katya Vineyard | Downtown Burger Tour from Maven Photo and Film on Vimeo.

Photos via Maven Photo & Film

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