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Flavors of #OurOcala | The Downtown Burger Tour Stop 11: Big Lee’s At Infinite Ale Works

Burgers go barbecue at Big Lee’s!

Well, in case you didn’t know, it’s Friday. As we’ve done for the past ten weeks, we, alongside Ocala Main Street, are back with the Downtown Burger Tour and the final stop. For those unfamiliar, we’ve spent the past ten weeks hitting all of the best spots in downtown Ocala, indulging on the best burgers that #OurOcala has to offer. This week is stop number eleven, our finale, which finds us making a stop at Big Lee’s Serious About Barbecue at Infinite Ale Works. Big Lee’s is a staple in the community thanks to their impeccable array of barbecue, including all of the staples. However, owner Rashad Jones is always looking to do something new and fun, which is precisely why he decided to add a special hamburger to the menu. Big Lee’s always delivers exceptional food that is hearty, flavorful, and made with love. Their burgers are no different! 

Flavors of #OurOcala | The Downtown Burger Tour Stop 11: Big Lee’s At Infinite Ale Works

Big Lee’s and Infinite Ale Works linked up this year, bringing Rashad’s culinary masterpieces to the downtown area. Rashad and his incredible team have made quite a name for themselves in the area and far beyond. Their menu is loaded with staple barbecue selections such as pulled pork, spare ribs, and of course, brisket. While they may be known for their incredible barbecue, their burgers should not be overlooked! We’ve become quite familiar with all of the iconic barbecue. But this is the Downtown Burger Tour, and we are all about the burgers. Rashad and the rest of the crew put together something impressive. A burger packed with flavor, something unique, and something incredibly delicious. They never disappoint, and they certainly didn’t fall short with their burgers! Oh and we can’t forget “The Deacon,” but more on that later. 

The Downtown Burger Tour At Big Lee’s

Big Lee’s is always looking to do something different and unique with food, creating a flavorful encounter that brings fans from across the globe. This is precisely why they ended up adding a burger to their already impressive menu. While we’ve experienced burgers crafted from brisket before, there is nothing quite like Big Lee’s brisket. Mr. Jones put together an extraordinary combination. This stunning burger includes a handcrafted brisket patty seasoned with Big Lee’s dry rub and his latest seasoning, sweet heat. The patty is then stuffed with Colby jack cheese and cooked exactly how you would like. The hamburger is then topped with Big Lee’s sweet barbecue sauce, and all of the classic toppings.

After our first glance, it was apparent that this wasn’t your typical burger. The 8 oz. patty was rich and juicy, packed with flavor and incredibly hearty. It was everything you would expect to experience while eating brisket but in burger form. Each bite exploded with flavor, which continued until the very end. The combination of brisket, along with their dry rub and sweet heat seasonings, is a game-changer. It’s not only flavorful, but it has a hint of spiciness and sweetness that we can’t get enough of.

But lets take a second to discuss “The Deacon” we mentioned earlier. This creative culinary delight is a meal in itself. They take an overly generous amount of seasoned, golden french fries which are then topped with your choice of brisket or pulled pork, Big Lee’s Serious Sauce, and so much more. This flavorful delight is further proof that Rashad and Big Lee’s are certainly serious about barbecue! Big Lee’s never fails, and they don’t disappoint when it comes to burgers either! 

Big Lee’s Serious About Burgers

While a burger might not be your first option at Big Lee’s, it’s certainly something to consider. If you are looking for a big, flavorful, and incredible treat, this is it! Sure, the smells of ribs, brisket, baked beans, and more are tempting and worth trying; however, their burger should not be understated. Big Lee’s is always creating something unique, and they take their culinary creations all around central Florida thanks to their mobile food truck. They have changed barbecue in the area and have expanded into everything from burgers to sweets, with so much more on the horizon. For anyone that hasn’t had the opportunity to try Big Lee’s Serious About Barbecue, it’s time that you do. Stop by Big Lee’s at Infinite Ale Works Wednesday’s and Friday’s from 12PM – 2PM and 5PM – 7PM. Try the burger, indulge, and enjoy! You will not be disappointed!

Stop number eleven might be the last stop on the Downtown Burger Tour, but it’s just the beginning of your culinary adventure in downtown Ocala. Big Lee’s has taken us somewhere different with their burgers, offering something stunning for anyone that frequents #OurOcala. They have taken the classic hamburger and made it their own, adding that patented Big Lee’s flavor while keeping things simple and tasty. This might be the final stop on the Downtown Burger Tour, but it’s certainly not the last you will be hearing from us. Find out all about Big Lee’s and their incredible burgers in the video below. Stay tuned with The Culture Curators and Ocala Main Street as we look to share more of what #OurOcala has to offer. Make sure you follow The Culture Curators on Facebook and Instagram for more from the world of Food & Drink and much more coming very soon.

Big Lees Burger Film from Maven Photo and Film on Vimeo.

Photo & Video via Maven Photo & Film 

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