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Flavors Of #OurOcala | The Downtown Burger Tour Stop 6: The Lodge

For the past month or more, we have been making our way around Downtown Ocala on a culinary expedition. Along with Ocala Main Street, we have made our way through five stops on the Downtown Burger Tour. And there are plenty more ahead. This week marks stop number six on the tour, and we paid a visit to a rather popular downtown destination known as The Lodge. Also known as The Lodge Craft Pub and Eatery, they’re known for putting their own spin on classic lodge food.  They also offer a wide range of craft beers that are sure to pair well with whatever your eating. However, we were there for their burger, which is done like no one else is doing theirs downtown. Let’s talk bison burgers!

Burger Tour

The Lodge offers a bison burger, which is a welcome and unique twist on the iconic Summer staple. Bison is known for being a bit leaner than beef, though the crew does mix in a little beef for flavor and fat content. The result is something stunning, to say the least. The burger is incredibly flavorful, juicy, and sizable. It’s not the biggest burger on the block, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s hearty and rich, and it comes finished off with your choice of toppings, including some bacon.

Speaking of bacon, let’s take a minute to talk about The Lodge’s candied bacon. This could be a stand-alone appetizer and one we’d be willing to wait in line for. More than just a crispy addition to the top of the bison burger, the candied bacon has a perfect balance of sweet and salty, while a little heat comes in at the end from the spices. While it’s incredible on its own, it’s the perfect addition to the burger. The culmination of flavors is exceptional, and the pride that is taken in their creation is apparent with every bite. The crew at The Lodge has put together something amazing, something we’d highly recommend trying asap!

The Downtown Burger Tour Visits The Lodge!

Burger Tour

While compared to other locations downtown, having a burger at The Lodge may seem like a typical night out. However, they up the ante with the use of bison, while the candied bacon just happens to take the burger to new heights. However, that’s not the only thing The Lodge has on deck. They also offer a fantastic array of appetizers such as poutine fries, which are always worth it, fried pork belly, and even gator bites. They also offer entrees such as the white rabbit, H.B.F. Chicken, Thai Style Snapper, and much more. The Lodge is always a great place to stop and grab a drink, but don’t sleep on the culinary creations being offered. They are doing things differently and with flavor!

Stop number six was a pleasant surprise, and you will more than likely see us back at The Lodge soon indulging in another bison burger. This is stop number six on the Downtown Burger Tour, be sure to tell ’em we sent you! Follow #OurOcala and Ocala Main Street as we continue our culinary conquest of finding the best burger in Downtown Ocala. Follow The Culture Curators on Facebook and Instagram for updates each week. Keep it locked right here and tune in next week for stop number seven!

The Lodge – Downtown Burger Tour from Maven Photo and Film on Vimeo.

Photos & Video via Maven Photo and Film

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