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Future Speed | The Porsche 988 Vision Concept

A vision into the future!

Porsche’s influence on modern speed cannot be understated. From their early days, they’ve set the bar for sportscars through the decades. The brand built their name on the iconic 911 flagship, while the GT2 and GT3 RS have ushered in a new era of power. However, we’d love nothing more than to see Porsche get into the realm of hyper-cars. The designers Colorsponge and Invisive decided to let their imagination run wild, creating the Porsche 988 Vision concept.

This beautiful machine is a look into what a mid-engined platform could look like with a hypercar aesthetic. The machine boasts an incredibly sleek yet aggressive look. The beautifully-crafted front wheel arches and sleek, aerodynamic cabin are futuristic.

The form-fitting LED headlights still keep Porsche’s iconic shape, though boasting a futuristic appearance. The ride is beautiful and sleek, an incredible design that we’d love to see on the road or track; or both. There are no specs for the concept, but we can only imagine that the numbers would be nothing short of exceptional.

Take a look at the Porsche 988 Vision concept in the images below and learn more about the design from the designers Colorsponge and Invisive right now. While you’re at it, check out this incredibly 1998 RUF CTR2 Sport Coupe we shared not too long ago. Keep it locked for more new cars, concepts, and classics coming soon.

Photos via Colorsponge/Invisive

Written by Jesse James

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