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Game Changers! The DJI FPV

The good folks over at DJI are taking drones to new heights (pun intended). Today, the company returns to launch the FPV, a hybrid drone that blends first-person perspective, speed, and agility with consumer drones’ functionality. The DJI FPV features high-performance motors that will go from 0-62 in two seconds with a top speed of around 86 mph.

The drone features three flight modes, including Normal, Manual, and Sports. Normal mode is for novice pilots and allows the drone to hover in place with obstacle detection. Manual mode gives users full control over the flight with all sensors and hovering disabled. Sports mode keeps some of the safety elements in play while offering manual control of the Manual mode.

The FPV includes an Emergency Brake and Hover feature, which can be engaged at any time, as well as a Return to Home feature. The ADB-S receiver will also warn pilots of any aircraft or helicopters in the vicinity. The key element to the DJI FPV are the FPV Goggles V2.

The drone can send information from up to 6 miles away with auto-switching dual frequencies, 50Mbps bitrate, and anti-interference technologies. Pilots also have two viewing modes. The standard low-latency HD model has a resolution of 1440×810 at 60fps. The other option is 50fps with 150° FoV. You can also connect up to eight goggles so more people can enjoy the view.

The DJI FPV is priced at $1299 with the remote controller 2, FPV Goggles V2, cables, and one battery. DJI is also offering a standalone motion controller, which allows the pilot to control the drone with hand motions. Find out all the details from DJI and get yours soon. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more from the tech sector coming soon.

Photos via DJI

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