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Hawks Nest Courtyard House

We all have our idea of what our “dream house” would look like. Today, we look at a home that will give you further inspiration. The Hawks Nest Courtyard House was designed by CHROFI and can be found in Australia. The dwelling is a modern interpretation of the area’s rural vernacular. The home is situated in Mungo Brush on a small sandy plot of land.

The structure is crafted from prefabricated modules that sit lightly on the land. The exterior is clad in a bleached timber facade that contrasts the rugged surroundings. The home boasts an expanded veranda that doubles as an outdoor living space. A sliding screen creates a courtyard that is immersed in the natural setting.

Sliding glass doors provide access to the garden and flood the interior with sunlight. The doors also offer exceptional views of the landscape, which take over the home’s interior. The property operates off-grid using solar panels, while rainwater is harvested and passive systems cool the interior naturally.

Take a closer look at this remarkable structure in the images below and find out more about the home from CHROFI right now. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more outstanding architecture coming soon.

Photos via CHROFI

Written by Jesse James

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