Iconic Inspiration! Harley-Davidson Serial 1 E-Bike

Modern modes of transportation!

The good folks over at Harley-Davidson are back at it again. This time around, they look toward the future of biking with inspiration from long ago. When it comes to Harley’s, the last thing we think of is electric motorcycles. Things are changing, and everyone seems to be looking to the future. Today the iconic motorcycle manufacturer is ack with a look at the  Harley-Davidson Serial 1 E-Bike.

The machine is named after the earliest known Harley built in 1903 and nicknamed “Serial Number One.” The Serial 1 features white tires, a black frame, and a leather sprung seat, all of which are references to the original. However, that is where the similarities come to an end. The Serial 1 E-Bike was designed to be a modern mode of transportation, offering electric power with a composite belt drive and disc brakes.

As of now, Harley hasn’t released any details about the range, charging, or performance specs, but we’re sure to hear much more on that soon. Serial has been spun off from Harley and is solely an electric bike company. The company plans to start production in March 2021.

Take a closer look at the  Harley-Davidson Serial 1 E-Bike in the image up top and head over to Harley to find out more right now. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more new rides, bikes, motorcycles, and more coming soon.

Photos via Harley-Davidson

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