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Icons Revamped | Emory Motorsports Reveals 1959½ Speedster “Transitional” Speedster

One man’s trash is another man’s canvas for a jaw-dropping custom rebuild.

Rod Emory and the team of artisans and fabricators at Emory Motorsports have been behind some of the most beautiful Porsche 356 rebuilds ever seen. This time though, it’s a whole new level west coast cool. The 19591/2  Speedster is a “transitional” Speedster that brilliantly illustrates the why and how of Rod Emory’s Porsche 356 philosophy. Rod Emory has refined Emory Motorsports’ ‘Outlaw 356’ recipe by paying close attention to detail and by staying true to the principles of form and function.

The secret ingredient is the preservation of Porsche DNA, whatever the cost. “Each 356 that we put back on the road is a piece of Porsche history, and we work very hard to preserve that creative spark,” comments Rod Emory of Emory Motorsports. “The best part of my work is bringing new life to cars that might otherwise be destined for the junkyard”. The donor car for this project may have been headed the way of the junkyard itself. An accident left the roof seriously compromised, but the crew Emory didn’t need that part anyhow. With the roof being unrepairable, it provided Emory with the perfect canvas for developing a one-of-a-kind 356 Outlaw.

Emory Motorsports!

While the preservation of well-maintained Porsche’s is encouraged by Emory Motorsports. The opportunity to start from the bones is much a pleasure for them. The 19591/2 “transitional” Speedster perfectly illustrates the willingness and ability to resurrect a classic when available. The right client looking for an open car concept made this vision entirely feasible. The amount of custom work and detail poured into this build is mind-boggling. From a hand-formed tonneau cover and headrest faring to period-correct Aquamarine Metallic paint, and an iconic hand-painted Mobil Pegasus on the fender; the exterior is perfection.

Emory Motorsports didn’t stop with a show pony, though. They build racehorses too. The Emory 1959½ “Transitional” Speedster is also significantly more powerful than its original 1600cc forbears. The proprietary Emory-Rothsport Outlaw-4 engine, co-developed with former Porsche GT racing crew chief Jeff Gamroth of Rothsport Racing, is standard equipment.

A completely custom power train and suspension makes every Emory Motorsports 356, unlike any others on the road. For all the intricate and mind-blowing specs on the 19591/2 “Transitional” Speedster and many other builds, check out

Photos via Emory Motorsports

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