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Immersed In Infinity! Gregory Orekhov Installs Mirrored Sculptures In Moscow

A time for reflection!

The Russian sculptor and architect Gregory Orekhov recently revealed his latest sculpture. The work of art is entitled Black Square and can be found in Moscow’s Malevich Park. The mirrored sculpture aims to reflect the region’s natural surroundings, serving as a monument to honor the pioneering avant-garde artist and theorist Kazimir Malevich.

Orekhov decided he wanted to build something bold and industrial. He did exactly that, designing and bringing to life something that juxtaposes the park’s natural elements. He also wanted to ensure that he elevated the park’s natural qualities. The towering sculpture is covered in mirrors which allow viewers to admire the architectural environment around it.

Gregory Orekhov

According to the artist, visitors will find themselves immersed into the square, or they will enter infinity. The sculpture also provides endless angles of observation, offering distinct perspectives each time it is viewed. Curator and art critic Mikhail Sidlin spoke about the design. Mikhail stated: “The viewer turns into an accomplice, falling into an endless corridor of reflections. The dynamics of the viewer’s movement become intriguing inside the static figure. The spatial development of the ‘Black Square’ lies within the structure: the transition from Malevich’s two-dimensional form to the three-dimensional form of Orekhov. Yet, a different universe emerges inside the sculpture — a multidimensional space that resembles a “laughing room” or the sci-fi/horror “Cube.”

Take a closer look at this stunning sculpture in the images and find out more about the installation from Gregory Orekhov. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more art installations and exhibitions coming very soon.

Gregory Orekhov

Photos via Ivan Muraenko

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