Into The Future! The Cadillac InnerSpace Autonomous EV Concept

Is this what the future of autonomous EVs looks like?

Sure, real and true autonomous driving is still something from science fiction more so than reality; things are changing. The good folks over at Cadillac have devised a new EV concept that may offer a glimpse into the future. Dubbed the InnerSpace, the autonomous EV concept features a sleek, sweeping design with a futuristic appeal that is undeniable. The vehicle boasts a short front end with a long rear section that provides a look of motion.

Cadillac InnerSpace

The standard opening doors are paired with a clamshell roof for a dramatic look, offering an interesting way of getting in and out of the car. Cadillac did not design the InnerSpace to be driven by humans. The interior features a comfort-forward aesthetic with a display that spans the width of the vehicle. A bench-type seat affords comfort for two, which is something that we haven’t seen in years. The InnerSpace rides on Goodyear tires that were made from rice husks and soybean oil-based silica, just to add to its forward-thinking appeal.

Take a closer look at the InnerSpace autonomous EV concept in the images and find out more about the future from Cadillac right now. Be sure to check back in with The Culture Curators for more automotive news coming very soon.

Photos via Cadillac

Written by Jesse James

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