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It Wasn’t A Dream | A Look Back At ‘Neon Dreams 2019’

For the past month, the city has been glowing with anticipation. Folks have been waiting, wondering and guessing on what to expect from the art exhibition known as ‘Neon Dreams.’ After weeks of teasers, trailers, videos, sneak peeks, and more, the ‘Neon Dream Team’ invaded Infinite Ale Works in downtown Ocala, Florida, on Friday, December 6th, 2019 to unveil what they had been teasing for the past month. The showcase was dubbed an immersive art experience, and the team provided precisely that. The event was a compilation of art, light, and sound. It filled up the space, providing a unique experience for all in attendance.

'Neon Dreams 2019'

‘Neon Dreams’ started as a rather simple concept. Artist’s EJ Nieves and Teddy Sykes were looking for a venue to showcase their talents, coming up with a plan for a neon themed adventure in art. After locking down Infinite Ale Works as the venue, the fellas, along with five other creative-minded individuals, unleashed a guerilla marketing campaign that the city hadn’t seen before. Why? Well, because they were bringing art to the masses like the city had never seen before. The results of this marketing campaign were nothing short of genius, and the fruits of their labor were on display this past Friday.

The doors to the exhibition opened at 6:00 PM, however, folks were waiting ahead of time. As patrons patiently waited to get a glimpse inside, the chatter was all about what they thought ‘Neon Dreams’ was all about.

From ‘Neon Dreams’ To Reality

Upon first arriving, The Culture Curators provided an up-close look at the 2020 Toyota Supra GR. The vehicle was on display outside of Infinite Ale Works as an homage to the future of the city and our own ‘Neon Dreams’. It was provided by Southeast Toyota to allow patrons to see the car up close. It also served as an experience of the artistic details of the machine. Folks were invited to take pictures and take a better look at the vehicle before heading inside.

Upon getting a first look at the all-new Supra, guests were then transported to a different space, immersed in a glow of light, a haze of smoke, and the incredible sounds of Just Joel. This was ‘Neon Dreams,’ in reality.

The walls were filled with incredible glowing, neon inspired artwork, including subjects of pop culture, nostalgic gaming, animals, and so much more. All of the art was available for purchase, and it didn’t take long for folks to pick out and pick up their favorite pieces. While weaving through the installation, guests were also treated to light bites provided by La Cuisine, who served up something tasty for all involved. Beer was served up by the incredible crew at Infinite Ale Works, who have an incredible selection to choose from. As the night went on, the art exhibition turned into a night club, but no one seemed to mind.

Issa Vibe

While the event was slated to end at 10:00 PM, the vibes from Just Joel kept folks moving well into the night. This man put together a performance of his own, which took the show to another level in the process. You can check out his full set right here, and you should.

'Neon Dreams 2019'

The vibe was amazing, the art was incredible, and the people in attendance were beautiful. While many entered the event, wondering what they would encounter. Many left with their arms filled with art. The ‘Neon Dream Team’ celebrated with the crowd, the music, and basked in the glory of the lights.

‘Neon Dreams’ was undoubtedly something that Ocala had not seen before. It was a needed display that served as a showcase of passion, talent, dedication, and the willingness to push forward. While there is no word on what is next officially. You can count on The Culture Curators to keep you in the know. Take a look back at ‘Neon Dreams 2019’ in the images below. Be sure to keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more from #OurOcala coming soon. 

Photos via Meagan Gumpert for The Culture Curators

Videography via Tommy Cuevas for Neon Dreams

Written by Jesse James

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