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Kick Back | The Lost Whiskey Cabin

A place to escape the madness!

Situated on a hillside in Virginia is a stunning weekend retreat dubbed the  Lost Whiskey Cabin. This stunning modern structure blends Scandinavian design and the rugged countryside with an all-concrete structure that offers a unique piece of luxury. The cabin was designed for slowing down, anchored into the hillside, and providing unrivaled views of the natural surroundings. The home features exposed cement walls and floors inside that create a minimalist aesthetic.

The steel-frame windows frame views of the rural area, offering a comfortable and modern vibe throughout. The interior living space consists of just 160 square, the cantilevered terrace expands the area and aids in providing stunning views. The terrace extends from the main structure and includes a fire pit, wood-burning hot tub, and a floating hammock.

Lost Whiskey Cabin

The home also boasts a collection of solar panels, cisterns, a compost toilet, and a fireplace. These features allow the cabin to operate completely off-grid, in turn providing the perfect place to get away from reality. The Lost Whiskey Cabin is like nothing we’ve seen before, an ideal place to kick back and enjoy the simple things of life.

Take a closer look at the dwelling in the images below and find out more about the design from Greenspur. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more modern architecture and design coming very soon.

Lost Whiskey Cabin

Photos via Mitch Allen with Mitch Allen Photo / Greenspur

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