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Life With A View! The Minorca Patio House

A look inside luxury!

In case you couldn’t tell, we have a soft spot for unique architecture. Today we take a look at a stunning home known as the  Minorca Patio House. This beautiful structure was thoughtfully created by Nomo Studio, offering a modern aesthetic to a special area. The home takes full advantage of the Spanish island’s landscape. The house uses a series of transparent and opaque walls that showcases the views flawlessly.

Windows and glazing provide unrivaled views of the Mediterranean Sea, forest, and garden. They also shield the interior from the neighbors and the hotel. The home is comprised of a series of angular volumes. The volumes are aimed toward the views while situated around a central patio. The outdoor space is protected from the wind, allowing sunlight to stretch inside.

Minorca Patio House

The facade features textured plaster walls which have been whitewashed. Turquoise shutters contrast this clean look. The interior features white walls and local marble, which provides a bright and airy allure. There is also touches of turquoise found on the railing, furniture, and pool. This home is nothing short of incredible and a perfect place to get away from everything.

Take a closer look at the Minorca Patio House and find out more about the dwelling from Nomo Studio. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more modern architecture coming very soon.

Minorca Patio House

Photos via  Adrià Goula / Nomo Studio

Written by Jesse James

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