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Living A Modern Life! The Littoral House

Contrasting nature.

Here at The Culture Curators, we are big fans of unique contrasts. Today we get a look at a striking piece of architecture that flawlessly and uniquely contrasts its surroundings. The  Littoral House is found in a beautiful rural setting, offering a dramatic modern form that plays well with the natural surroundings. The contemporary holiday home is located in Charlevoix, flawlessly reinterpreting the area’s traditional farm buildings with an abstract nod.

Littoral House

The home features a classic gabled silhouette composed of two minimalist volumes stacked off-center. The base is clad in eastern white cedar contrasted by the upper unit’s black metal facade. The interior features an unconventional layout. The bedrooms are situated below, while the main living areas are found above, taking full advantage of the views of the St. Lawrence River and the mountains in the distance.

Littoral House

Check out this stunning modern structure in the images below and find out more about the home from Architecture49. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more outstanding modern architecture coming very soon.

Littoral House
Littoral House

Photos via Stéphane Brügger / Architecture49

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