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Making Life Easy | Stouffer’s Teases A Mac on Tap Dispenser

Pull. Dispense. Eat. Repeat!

If you don’t enjoy a hearty helping of mac & cheese, we can’t be friends. It’s an iconic side dish that we can’t get enough of, and Stouffer’s is here to ensure we won’t. The iconic food company recently revealed a new way to enjoy the comfort food, the Mac on Tap dispenser. This unique design is a self-service design that provides the perfect dish for any macaroni and cheese lover.

The device features an internal heater that keeps pre-cooked Stouffer’s mac and cheese at serving temperature. To operate, simply pull the macaroni lever and watch the creamy mac and cheese flow from a metal tap. While perfect for a helping of our favorite side, it’s also a great way to add the iconic treat to any other food items you have in mind.

Stouffer’s is keeping quiet about its Mac on Tap dispenser, only revealing that the device is set to release sometime later this year. Interested? Stay tuned for much more on this coming soon. Head over to Stouffer’s for more information and stay tuned with The Culture Curators for much more from the culinary side of life.

Photos via Stouffer’s

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