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Old Becomes New! 1965 Porsche 356 911 Restomod Coupe

Speed and design!

In what can only be described as a “Clash of the Icons,” one of the most interesting RestoMods to date should soon be underway in Poland. Designer Bo Zolland has offered up a rendering of the ingenious pairing of two Porsche giants. The classically cool 356 and the sports legend 911 are set to join forces in an insanely rad way.

A slightly modified 1965 356 body is planned to crown a 1985 911 chassis with a 3.2-liter flat-six. The boat-like glide of the 356 will give way to the white knuckle driving excitement that made the 911 an instant classic while maintaining the elegance of the earlier gentleman’s sports car.

The fit of the 356 was close but indeed required some modifications. The fenders and headlights are a little more vertical, like the 911, thanks to some custom-made aluminum and carbon fiber panels, but from the base of the windshield, it’s perfectly proportioned 356 Swagger.

While the project is still underway, the released renderings are something to get excited about. Growing up the son of a Porsche guy, these were two of the legendary models Pops would dream about. Watching the 911s fly around Daytona made me a fan as well, and this only makes it better.

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1965 Porsche 356 911

Photos via Bo Zolland

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