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Old School Inspirations | Les83machines 1977 Suzuki Jimny Rat Rod

Something old becomes something new!

If you are anything like us, you enjoy anything custom. Custom shoes, custom art, custom design, and yes, custom vehicles. While we’ve seen some impressive custom automobiles from across the globe, we’ve seen nothing like this. Today we introduce you to the Les83machines 1977 Suzuki Jimny Rat Rod. This beautiful machine was crafted by Leo Esteves’ design house based in Munich.

Rat Rod

Eye-catching and intimidating are just two words to describe this beast in short. We don’t generally think Suzuki Jimny when we think rat rods, but somehow this works. This stunning iteration keeps the classic boxiness of the original 1977 Jimny. That legendary aesthetic is combined with red steelie wheels and whitewall tires for a classic look.

The ride has been dropped to a ground-scraping height, draped in black paint from bumper to bumper. The modified body is host to an exposed suspension, while the front and doors have been left untouched. The ride is immediately recognizable and incredibly intriguing.

The interior is host to a roll cage and racing seats, offer a modern contrast to the exterior, putting a nice finishing touch on this custom creation. Leo Esteves’ design house les83machines has created something special, something undoubtedly worth your time and attention.

Check out this beautiful 1977 Suzuki Jimny Rat Rod in the images below and find out more about the build from les83machines. While you’re at it, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more custom rides, classic cars, and new vehicles coming very soon.

Photos via les83machines

Written by Jesse James

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