On Display | Sterling Ruby & H.R. Giger’s Milan Exhibition

The incredible art of Sterling Ruby recently invaded Milan, found on display at Spazio Maiocchi. This beautiful, unique, and extraordinary exhibition finds Ruby’s unique and elaborate artwork displayed next to his creative idol H.R. Giger.

Photos via T-Space Studio

The exhibition opened June 14 and will continue through July 14. This stunning display features a bevy of outstanding pieces. The showcase starts with a billboard commissioned from Ruby’s “poetic posters” series dubbed “STRIP STRIP (RB),” while the focal point of the gallery is the European debut of “STATE.” This unique design arrives as a video piece with aerial views of 35 California state prisons. Another standout on display is his “HRG Suite,” which is a collection of collages that reference the work of Giger. For those of you unfamiliar, H.R. Giger was a part of the special effects team that won an Oscar for the original Alien film. The rest of the exhibition is filled with various pieces of furniture, prints, sculptures, and paintings by Giger himself.

Those interested can head over to Spazio Maiocchi’s website to book an appointment. Take a look at the images throughout for a closer look at the installation and plan your visit immediately. 

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