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Out Of This World | Neptune Space Balloon

Imagine the views!

Your next travel experience should be out of this world. Today we get a look at a unique expedition that will take you to new heights and provide some pretty impressive views along the way. The  Neptune Space Balloon is a travel concept from the travel startup Space Perspective. Their goal is to send passengers to the stratosphere on their space balloon, dubbed Neptune.

The design features a pressurized capsule with room for up to eight people. Their goal is to launch the balloon from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and begin a two-hour climb to 100,000 feet. Guests will float around the Earth while treated some stellar views all around. The capsule will feature onboard refreshments bar and lavatory, to keep things comfortable. The capsule will then descend for an ocean landing before passengers board a ship to complete the six-hour journey.

Sounds interesting, right? Rides are expected to begin in 2021. Check out the renderings below for a better look at the Neptune Space Balloon and immediately find out more from The Space Perspective. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more new travel ideas coming soon.

Photos via The Space Perspective

Written by Jesse James

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