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Own It | Check Out This Bonneville Land Speed Streamliner

You’re gonna need a bigger trailer for this legendary Bonneville built Streamliner.

I can’t help but feel like Joe Dirt thumbing through the latest Auto Trader when I fall into another wormhole. The site that brings the barn finds, garage queen, and unusual automobile sales to the world is packed with treasures. The latest automotive oddity up for grabs needs a really big trailer this time. Not just for the massive car but, for the set of balls needed to rip it too.

One of the most unique offerings to grace the website so far is a 39ft long, 400 MPH Bonneville Land Speed Streamliner. This one might require a pretty specific search. It’s totally custom-built, so the keywords won’t be there if you’re searching civics and scrolling through the following pages. That and it’s speed racer built for top speed runs in on the Bonneville Salt Flats. This one of a kind land rocket is powered by a Cadillac V8 built by Courtney Hines Cad Company and features an air-shifted Liberty 5-Speed transmission, twin Garrett turbochargers, a liquid-to-air intercooler, a 10-inch Winters quick-change rear end, inline front wheels, carbon fiber disc brakes, and dual parachutes.

In September of 2010, it hit a 408 MPH mile run, and it has been garage stored since. This was the only gasoline-powered car to break the 400 mph mark. That means no ripping it around the neighborhood as soon as you get it home, but it’ll be ready for Salt Flat glory with a little wrenching and mechanical refreshing. Aerodynamicist Ken Rapport reworked the original 27ft body and fitted a custom 39-foot long body, which helped it reach its insane speeds. It won’t navigate the cul-de-sac real well, but that’s the HOA’s problem. 

If this isn’t the next project car for you, is the place to keep the dream alive. In the meantime, check out #Auto section for some of our favorites and the rest of the automotive world.

Photos via Bring A Trailer

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