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Owning Art | Todd Bienvenu Reveals “Beach Towel” Lithograph

Art on the beach!

This week is a big week in the art world. The 2019 version of Art Basel is taking place this week, and we’ve got a handful of other exhibitions worth checking out. There is also #NeonDreams taking place locally, which will surely one to out. While we wait for all of that to kick off the American artist, Todd Bienvenu returns with something new. JRP|Editions and the artist have come together to announce the first-ever Lithograph “Beach Towel.”

The lithograph has been produced in collaboration with Galerie Sébastien Bertrand. The image arrives as a simple, though colorful display that is sure to transport you to Spring and Summer. The piece features a male figure on the beach covered by a “Beach Towel,” hiding his face while a beautiful bikini-clad woman walks by. The lithograph is unique and interesting, to say the least.

Todd Bienvenu spoke about the piece. He stated: “It’s a painting from a couple of years ago. It’s a beach scene. This man and this woman looking at each other, he’s got the towel wrapped around him.” He continued, adding, “The figures are chunky and solid, there’s a lot of weight to the image. The colors are nice and clear, so I thought it would be a good print, simple and graphic, strong image, bright, happy.”

Take a look at the eye-catching lithograph in the image up top and pick up yours at While you’re at it, be sure to check back throughout the week for more from the art department.

Photos via JRP|Editions

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