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Personal Protection! Razer Releases Project Hazel Face Mask

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show brings everybody from gamers and nerds to All-Star pro athletes and celebrities together to celebrate all things tech. In a time when we need all the unity we can get, the annual celebration of anything with circuit board launched an online worldwide event showcasing the latest and greatest in the tech sector. Besides the obvious digital difference of this years show there were some new and unexpected projects that almost took our breath away, but they just filtered it and gave it back.

The team at Razer had no shortage of their staple upgrades to gaming with competition-grade keyboards, headsets, and mouses, or mice(?). But this year, they proved again they’re no stranger to the road less traveled. Previous CES events have debuted the Project Bread maker toaster and the Respawn energy drink from Razer. This year the unexpected should’ve come at no surprise, though. CES 2021 brings us Project Hazel, PPE from the future.

Mixed amongst their more conventional product updates, Project Hazel brings something positive the multi-billion dollar tech expo from a name familiar to so many gamers worldwide. Pulling from the things they know most about, Razer calls Project Hazel the “world’s smartest mask,” referring to some of its one-of-a-kind smart features. One of the most useful tricks is Razer Voiceamp technology, which listens to your voice and then intelligently reproduces it through the two speakers. No crazy downloadable voices yet, but the world is yet to get ahold of Project Hazel to mod that. It’s intent so far is just bridging the muffled gap in communication today’s standard PPE presents. The completely transparent mask front also allows a full view ofyour mouth and nose.


Not to accuse Razer of pandering to a certain demographic, but Project Hazel even fixes that fogged glasses headache with a silicone grip across the top, creating an “unobtrusive, airtight seal.” Speaking of the seal, Razer says Project Hazel qualifies as a surgical N95 respirator that includes both active ventilation and a self-sterilization function. The charging case included also keeps it clean with built-in UV sterilization.

This isn’t Razer’s first dip in the public health domain, though. The tech accessory giant has donated over 1 million masks worldwide and even transitioned one of its production facilities to help with the manufacturing of face masks during global shortages. Pricing and availability are yet to be released, but the concept is exciting as the idea of long term PPE solutions become a

more realistic endeavor for companies and consumers alike. Head over to Razer to find out more and keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more from the intersection of health and lifestyle!


Photos via Razer

Written by Moustache Johnny

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