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Retreat x Relax! 5 Amazing A-Frame Cabins On Airbnb

With winter nearly upon us, many are looking for a much-needed escape from reality. If you are looking for a different Winter destination, we’ve got a few in mind. There is nothing quite like a rustic retreat during the cooler parts of the year, and today we take a look at a few outstanding selections.

We have compiled a list of five amazing A-Frame cabins found on Airbnb. A-Frame cabins are one of the most recognizable styles of architecture on the planet. They are a staple of high-altitude destinations and mountain settings and for good reason. No matter what type of traveler you are, there is a cabin suited for you. So, start packing your bags and planning your next adventure!

A-Frame Cabins on Airbnb

Oceanside A-Frame

A-Frame Cabins
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Sure, oceanside doesn’t seem like your typical Winter destination; however, this stunning a-frame is found in Oceanside, Oregon. The Oceanside A-Frame is situated in a small rural area, offering unrivaled views of the mountainous coastline. The dwelling flaunts a mid-century design while providing incredible views of the natural world around it. The two-bedroom, one-bath cabin has a wood-burning stove, secluded kitchen/dining area, and a simple living room. However, the rooftop deck is a great place to unwind and take in the sights.

Sky Haus A-Frame

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Located in Skykomish, Washington, this stunning cabin is like nothing else you’ve encountered. The Sky Haus is a beautiful one-bedroom, one-bath dwelling; however, its open interior can sleep up to four. The lofted rest area looks over the living area, which features a widescreen television and a gas fireplace. There is also a stunning deck area that has a hot tub. Here you can unwind from a day on the slopes, as the Sky Haus A-Frame is located about 15 minutes outside of the best skiing and snowboarding in the area.

Stylish Modern A-Frame

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For anyone looking for something a bit more luxurious, this is the one for you. The Stylish Modern A-Frame is located outside of Sunriver, Oregon. The five-bed, three-bath dwelling is perfect for groups of friends, providing exceptional attention to detail throughout. The cabin is host to vintage furniture, period-correct carpeting, and even a billiards room. The center of the a-frame is a massive dining room that is flanked by two large living areas. This stunning location is a great way to live your best life and enjoy a cozy winter retreat!

JR’s Ecohut

A-Frame Cabins
Photo via Airbnb

Small, cozy, and comfortable, JR’s Ecohut is like no other a-frame on our list. Located in Nangus, New South Wales, the dwelling sits just above the Murrumbidgee River. The structure affords sweeping views of the rural area, offering an incredible off-grid experience. The secluded location makes for an ideal retreat, residing on a working 7,000-acre farm. The Ecohut is crafted from timber, steel, and galvanized iron, while wide, length-running windows offer stunning views of the area. This is a unique glamping experience and one you want to leave from. 

Transforming A-Frame

Photo via Airbnb

There is nothing quite like this one! The Transforming A-Frame is located in Bonner, Montana, offering a truly “off-grid” experience. The A-Frame allows you to cut-away from modern reality and disconnect from everything in your life. The destination is perfect for nature-lovers, as it offers access to hiking trails, incredible wildlife, and breath-taking views. Simple, small, and unique, this pet-friendly getaway is worth packing your bags for. The dwelling features two-bedrooms and a unique immersion into nature. 

Written by Jesse James

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