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Rustic Luxury! Casa Tunquen

Take a look inside!

Architecture is compelling and inspiring. It’s also creative and unique, which is precisely what draws us to it. Today we take a look at a beautiful weekend retreat located in a Chilean forest. Casa Tunquen is more than an example of stunning design. This unique home features a minimal design with a facade crafted from reclaimed oak revetment.

Casa Tunquen

This balances out the simplicity of the exterior with a unique texture while oversized windows add dimension. The dwelling features a two-story interior with the bedrooms situated on the upper level. The common spaces and living areas are found below. The main living area is enclosed on three sides by floor-to-ceiling windows. This connects the interior to the rustic surroundings, providing unrivaled views of the forest in the process.

The glazing also opens to create an outdoor space, extending the room to a deck with a jacuzzi. The home may look minimal and straightforward; however, it is anything but simple. This retreat is an exceptional example of rustic luxury.

Take a closer look at  Casa Tunquen in the images and head over to DX Arquitectos to find out more. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more outstanding examples of modern architecture coming soon.

Casa Tunquen

Photos via Pablo Blanco Barros / DX Arquitectos

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