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Shades x Style | Stüssy Reveals New Seasonal “Eyegear” Program

Back to the ‘90s

An icon in the realm of streetwear and known for quality and attention to detail, Stüssy is back. The good folks over at Stüssy are expanding their style. The iconic streetwear imprint has introduced three new “eyegear” silhouettes for Fall/Winter 2019. The new shades include the Nico, the Owen, and the Logan, offering unique, new style in the process. The sunglasses come influenced by the styles of the late 1980s and ’90s.

The Nico features a rave-inspired look, coming in three distinct color schemes in the process. The Nico boasts black, white and green options, while the retro faded shades in yellow. Other options include clear and a sunset-esque mixture of pink and yellow. The Owen boasts a metal frame finished in silver, soft gold and dark grey tones. While lenses are offered in pastel blue, khaki and pink. The Logan, the final entry boasts a squared-off aesthetic. The shades boast traditional black and tortoiseshell iterations, as well as a transparent red pair. The red pair features exposed bolts and springs, with red-tinted lenses. All nine of the glasses are then finished with Stüssy branding in the top left corner.

Eyewear never goes out of style, and this new lineup of shades is sure to elevate yours in the seasons ahead. Check out the new “eyegear” silhouettes in the gallery and pick up your favorites from Stüssy stores worldwide, online, and select stockists.

Photos via Stussy

Written by Jesse James

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