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Small & Stunning! BIVVI Camp Reveals Mini A-Frame Cabins

Not your typical cabin.

As you know by now, we are intrigued by architecture and design. We’ve seen the big and luxurious, as well as the small and simple. Today we get a look at a new design from the creative minds over at BIVVI Camp. Today they return to introduce a new mini A-Frame cabin designed with sustainability in mind. Each of these mini-cabins are crafted from responsibly-sourced and durable materials.

This means less impact on mother nature while offering a unique, contemporary design. The mini A-Frame’s are available in both trailer mount or fixed foundation set-ups, each one prefabricated and made to stand up to all four seasons. The goal of the design was to minimize its impact on the environment. The cabin can be set up for on-grid and off-grid living.


The cabin features a power connection with two duplex 120V floor outlets, a C02/smoke detector, interior lighting, a recessed window frame, and a port-hole door. The off-grid build sees the features mentioned above along with outdoor-rated 100 Watt solar panels, an inverter, charge controller, and battery.

Sleek, stylish, and sustainable, what more could we ask for from modern architecture? Take a look at the mini A-Frame cabins in the images and head over to BIVVI Camp to find out more. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more outstanding modern architecture coming soon.


Photos via BIVVI Camp

Written by Jesse James

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