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Something Special! Apple’s Limited-Edition Chinese New Year AirPods

Expanding the collection!

The good folks over at Apple are back, and they return to celebrate Chinese New Year. The tech giant will soon be releasing a limited-edition set of AirPods that honor the Year of the Ox. The AirPods Pro will feature an outline of the familiar iOS Ox emoji. The design is slightly different, located just below the top lid on the center of the AirPods Pro’s case.

The image shows a baby Ox popping out from the standard Ox emoji, winking in the process. The print will be monochromatic on the case itself; the packing boasts a red version of the design on the sides. Apple will also let people customize the AirPods Pro by either adding text or replacing the Ox graphic with a different emoji. The limited-edition AirPods Pro will be available on Apple’s website soon.

Take a look at the new limited-edition design in the images and get yours soon. In the meantime, keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more from the tech sector coming soon.


Photos via Apple

Written by Jesse James

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