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Stop & Stay Awhile | The North Pole Igloos Hotel

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Sometimes we just need an escape. Reality can put us in a funk that only a stunning vacation can get us out of. Well, for anyone looking for a cool place to stay, literally, look no further. Today we take a look at the North Pole Igloos Hotel. This unique and rather chilly retreat that provides guests with an immersive and unique experience.

The North Pole is a rather extreme place, which is why the North Pole Igloos Hotel only shows up in April. Once booked, the company provides up to 10 heated igloos. Each of these unique igloos has its own toilet and glass wall and ceiling for unrivaled, breath-taking views. The retreat is surrounded by glaciers, while offering excellent views of the natural surroundings, including the Northern Lights. The booking also includes a camp manager, arctic wilderness guide, chef, and security. For anyone looking for an incredible and original vacation experience, this is one worth adding to the list.

Take a look at the hotel in the images below and head over to to book your stay immediately. In the meantime, keep it locked here to The Culture Curators for more unique and remarkable retreats, hotels and more coming soon.

Photos via North Pole Igloos Hotel

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