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Sustainable Situations! Haeckels Waterless Shower Gel

A look into the future!

The U.K.-based skincare imprint, Haeckels, is back in the news with a game-changer. The label recently launched a new waterless body cleanser after a five-year development process. The 60% H20 Ocean Cleanse Concentrate and Allantoin is a waterless shower gel that arrives in pill form. The pill is scented by lemon, geranium, and beetroot is combined with boiling water to create a shower gel.

Upon adding the water into the ceramic milled dispenser, the pill transforms into a gel in around 30 minutes. Haeckels will release the product in a year’s supply. The pill body cleanser emits 97% less kgC02e in production and 95% in distribution than regular body cleanser. Haeckels founder Dom Bridges spoke about the new product.

Shower Gel

He stated: “Everything we do is driven by sustainability; our glass bottles and recycled pumps and lids are one thing (and so too is our compostable packaging). But we knew we had to keep experimenting; that’s what we do as a company with a passion to fix things, not to be anarchic against the industry but to help. We view this as the future of the bathroom and have many more products to come that leave no trace.”

You can pick up a year’s supply of the 60% H20 Ocean Cleanse Concentrate and Allantoin now at Haeckels web store. Get yours today and keep it locked with The Culture Curators for more lifestyle news coming soon.

Shower Gel

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