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  • Apple
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    Game Changers | Apple Reveals In-House Face Shield Design

    Protect & serve!

    As the coronavirus pandemic has gripped the world over the past few months, we’ve seen more companies changing their focus. With a shortage of essential medical gear for medical professionals and civilians, companies are stepping up and getting creative. We’ve seen companies creating masks and more, and now Apple is getting in the game. The […] More

  • COVID-19
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    The Tech Sector | Apple Introduces COVID-19 Screening App & Website

    Technology aims to assist!

    The creative minds over at Apple have launched a new app-based around the coronavirus COVID-19. The new app aims to help people maintain safe practices amid the global spread of the virus. The app focuses on screening COVID-19, offering an online tool that provides details about the disease. There are also simple, comprehensive instructions on […] More

  • Apple Card

    It’s Here | Apple Card Is Now Available

    Let the craze commence!

    Last month it was reported that the Apple Card was on the way. Fast forward a few weeks and the word on the interwebs is that the card is here! Apple CEO Tim Cook stated in July that “Thousands of Apple employees are using the Apple Card every day in a beta test, and we […] More

  • Mophie Charger
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    Power Up | The 3-in-1 Mophie Apple Charger

    Stay charged up!

    While modern mobile technology is excellent and crucial to our daily lives. Keeping our devices charged and ready to roll continues to be a struggle. Mophie is always looking for new ways to keep our devices charged up and ready to use. Known for their array of chargers and more tech accessories, MophiToday the power-based […] More