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  • Casa Ojala
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    A Unique View! Casa Ojala

    Experience luxury like never before!

    Here at The Culture Curators, we are fascinated by unique architecture, and we love to travel. Why not bring the two together? Today we get a look at a beautiful suite situated in a Tuscan vineyard dubbed Casa Ojala. The brainchild of Beatrice Bonzanigo and Ryan Nesbitt, this unique retreat offers a slice of paradise […] More

  • Aston Martin Residences
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    A Look At Luxury! Inside The Aston Martin Residences

    Living in luxury!

    The creative minds over at Aston Martin are known for bringing together speed, luxury, and incredible design. Today the automaker is back, but this time around with a look at something different. Back in 2017, the company revealed a first look at the Aston Martin Residences. Today the brand is back with a look at […] More

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    A Retreat For Escape! Beaver Brook

    A quiet place!

    Cabins have an allure that is unlike anything. Today we take a look at a beautiful cabin and estate located in upstate New York. Beaver Brook is the home of the popular Cabin Porn site and its book. Zach Klein is putting his 53-acre compound up for sale. The unique retreat includes a 3,600 square […] More

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    A Luxurious Life! The Glen Ellen Hillside House

    15 acres overlooking Sonoma Valley.

    Looking to elevate your living situation? Well, we’ve got a great place to do exactly that. The Glen Ellen Hillside House overlooks Sonoma Valley, offering a dose of rustic luxury like none other. The home sits on fifteen acres and features a modern farmhouse look. The exterior is clad in neutral marble-finished stucco, and natural […] More

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    West Coast Living! The Orum House

    A new luxury rental in Los Angeles.

    As you probably know by now, we have a soft spot for outstanding design and striking modern architecture. Today we take a look at a beautiful new luxury rental home located in Los Angeles. Dubbed the Orum House, this stunning dwelling is the brainchild of Zoltan Pali. This beautifully designed house is currently available on […] More

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    Luxurious Living! The Shack in the Rocks

    Luxury down under!

    Yes, we have a soft spot for outstanding, unique, and impeccable modern architecture. We’ve seen some exceptional examples, and today we get a look at another one. Dubbed the Shack in the Rocks, this unique dwelling is located just an hour outside of Melbourne. Designed by Sean Godsell Architects, the Shack in the Rocks sits […] More

  • Surf House
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    California Dreamin’! The Surf House

    Luxury on the coast!

    Located near Santa Cruz’s iconic surf breaks, the creative minds at Feldman Architecture have redefined the classic surf shack. We’ve all dreamed of living out our days next to the water. Well, the Surf House provides precisely that. This beautiful modern dwelling embraces all of the California boho vibes with a modern appeal. The home […] More

  • Sky Pool
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    Swim In The Sky! The Embassy Gardens Sky Pool

    Living the high life.

    Rooftop pools are cool, and all, but the Sky Pool changes everything. The good folks over at Embassy Gardens recently unveiled the Sky Pool, which is an 82-foot-long, 10-foot deep swimming pool. The pool is anchored between two 10-story buildings and suspended 110 feet off the ground. Constructed from what might be the world’s largest […] More

  • Anthenea
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    Floating Through Life! The Anthenea Floating Suite

    The Anthenea is about to set sail.

    Back in 2019, the creative minds over atĀ  Anthenea debuted their eye-catching floating suite. Well, today, the brand is back in the news as the Anthenea is getting ready to set sail. The floating eco-pods were inspired by the 1977 Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, and soon they will make their way across […] More

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    The Luxurious Life! The Vegas Modern 001 House

    Blending the lights of the Las Vegas strip with the Mojave Desert.

    In case you couldn’t tell, we have a thing for outstanding architecture. We’ve seen some incredible examples of modern design, but nothing quite like what we have for you today. TheĀ Vegas Modern 001 House isn’t your typical residence. The design seamlessly blends the shine of the Las Vegas strip with the landscapes of the Mojave […] More

  • Royal Tenenbaums
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    The House On Archer Ave.! The Royal Tenenbaums House

    For the fans.

    For fans of “the house on Archer Avenue” that Royal Tenenbaum bought “in the winter of his 35th year,” the home is currently up for rent. While Archer Avenue doesn’t really exist, the home featured in Wes Anderson’s 2001 film The Royal Tenenbaums does. The home is currently for rent, sitting on the corner of […] More

  • Fielding House
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    Modern Living! The Fielding House

    Between the dunes & the water.

    We all have a general idea of what our dream home would be, right? For many, it would be somewhere near the coast, close to the water with a tropical vibe. Today we look at a unique modern home located between the dunes of northern New Zealand. The Fielding House is the brainchild of Cheshire […] More

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